PHP/LAMP Programming

WebSoftNET uses PHP and MySQL application development and programming as one of the primary development services it offers. Our PHP outsourcing services include PHP and MySQL web development, offshore PHP developers, open source shopping carts, PHP, MySQL offshore development and PHP programming services from our web development center in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
PHP is an open source scripting language whereas MySQL is one of world’s most popular open source databases. Our PHP and MySQL web development process walks through the entire process of building dynamic, secure, commercial web sites and applications. PHP can now be found on close to 9 million domains, and has been growing at a rate of up to 15% each month. In fact, PHP is available on the majority of web servers, which run on Apache, the most common server on the Web. And PHP has achieved all this, with hardly any publicity or marketing brain behind it.

The advantages of PHP /MySQL include:

  • It is compatible with all operating system and browsers (cross platform compatibility)
  • It provides high performance and speed. In PHP, everything runs in PHP’s memory space. This means that PHP code will run faster because there is no overhead of communicating with different COM objects in different processes.
  • Features native support for most popular databases
  • Multi-language support
  • Configurable PHP or installing specific libraries is relatively easy
  • PHP installations are cheaper as compared to other options, and PHP runs great on Linux which is free.
  • PHP is a robust programming language, similar to Microsoft’s Active Server Page technology, except that it runs on UNIX servers, rather than Windows based servers. PHP is used for connecting to databases like MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server to create all kinds of web applications, such as product catalogs, online shopping carts, content management systems, calendars, and several ecommerce applications
  • PHP stnads for Pre Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a scripting language and interpreter that is freely available and used primarily on Linux Web servers. As with ASP, the PHP script is embedded within a Web page along with its HTML. Before the page is sent to a user that has requested it, the Web server calls PHP to interpret and perform the operations called for in the PHP script.
  • WebSoftNET Technologies is an offshore software and website development company in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. One of our primary focuses is on the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) platform, with technologies such as PHP, Linux, MySQL, Python. We also work on Microsoft Technologies like ASP, ASP.Net, Visual Basic, VB.Net, SQL Server 2000.
  • We have PHP professional experts who undertake PHP applications development projects for clients from the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UK, Europe, South East Asia and Pakistan. Our PHP programmers in Pakistan are dedicated to LAMP (Linux operating system; Apache Web server; My SQL database management system or database server; Perl, PHP, Python scripting/programming languages). WebSoftNET Technologies is dedicated to LAMP and PHP web development. We have undertaken PHP web development projects for several clients from different industries including retail, telecom, travel, and real estate.
  • We suggest PHP to clients for fast development and fast loading time. As mentioned above, PHP is an open source programming lenguage and it is available with the GNU Public liscence. There are many open source library available on PHP which helps customers to integrate fast and easy solutions.
  • Our team comprises of project managers, technical managers, team leaders and sr. & jr. PHP programmers. Technical managers are well versed with the nitty gritties of PHP web development and the PHP language. Sr. and junior PHP programmers have applied the PHP programming language to different industries such as finance, jewellery, hoteles and tourism, medical, servicing and manufacturing.

WebSoftNET Technologies is an advanced PHP MySQL programming company and provides web solutions based on php and mysql web development with custom php programming, php development and web design. We also help with other related services such as PHP web hosting along with web based PHP software development. We provide custom php programming for php shopping cart, php forum and other custom php programming. php mysql web hosting, custom php application development, web programming and custom php software development. We have an advanced PHP programming team, providing practical and effective PHP programming services and specializing in custom php programming, php shopping cart software and ecommerce solutions, php content management systems, php shopping cart, php data protection systems and much more php mysql programming.

A few examples of standard PHP web development modules include :-

  • PPC Search engine
  • Job Board application
  • Dating website development
  • Shopping Carts and Ecommerce Websites
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Ad management and affiliate programs
  • Online calendars and scheduling
  • Classified ads
  • Real estate listing applications
  • Customer support system and FAQ management
  • Document processing
  • File manipulation
  • Form generators and form processors
  • Image galleries and stock photo applications using ecommerce
  • Web traffic analysis
  • Virtual communities
  • User authentications and security systems
  • Community portals
  • Multilevel Marketing system
  • News publishing systems
  • Music libraries and multimedia

Our well structured programming techniques enables us to update our advanced PHP applications quickly and the most important smartly, so that the other modules of the project do not get affected with any future updates.

We believe in keeping our PHP web solutions simple; yet the web or software development process can be a complex task. To us, your productive web presence is the main guideline in work. That’s why we strive for making final product as simple in use as possible, no matter how complicated its development might be. We listen to our clients and together we achieve the desired. Our programmers use the power and flexibility of JavaScript and PHP technologies to develop fast running, interactive and live solutions for your web site or business. Our solutions are meant for automation and simplifying processes and for improving quality and productivity of your business.

WebSoftNET Technologies provides timely, efficient and affordable PHP Programming services in order to provide professional web programming services for both new and existing dynamic websites running on the PHP, Apache and MySQL combination. Our development center is based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and we have delivered on PHP/ MySQL solutions for small clients to medium size companies based in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, South East Asia and Pakistan.