Destination of Choice

Strategically located in South Asia, Pakistan is at the crossroads between Eastern and Western Asia. With three major international airports and thirty-eight domestic airports, Pakistan is accessible via fifty international airlines. Pakistan’s geographical location, a rapidly expanding transportation and communications infrastructure and an environment conducive to business makes it an attractive destination for investors.

Pakistan is fast becoming the destination of choice for a significant number of international IT/ITeS companies looking to relocate their operations offshore. The ready availa of skilled professionals, an appropriate IT infrastructure, and affordable rates for connectivity result in considerable time and cost savings for entrepreneurs.

Pakistan is shaking off decades of “also-ran” status. Funds invested into building educational institutions in Pakistan (when there were not enough jobs to absorb all the graduates from those institutions) are paying off as Pakistan begins to field a modern, highly productive labor force that is the envy of more prosperous but less tech-savvy nations elsewhere in the region.