Opencart Development

Opencart is considered the most user- friendly e-commerce tool on the web. It offers simple easy-to-use and visually attractive interface to your e-commerce portals. Ideal for small business models, Opencart can generate sales reports and effectively add multiple tax rates alongside every product category.

Features of Opencart

  • Unlimited entries of products and categories.
  • Multi-currency and multi-language options
  • Emergency back-up and restore tools
  • Embedded with product reviews and ratings
  • Quantity discount based on the quantity of products, ordered by the customer
  • Search engine optimized support for custom products and categories.
  • Advantages of Opencart Extensive support via Community
  • Opencart boasts of a vibrant community of coders and developers to keep your application constantly updated with the latest modules and plug-ins. The multi-language forum can provide assistance in integration, bug reports, coding and concept support.

SEO friendly

Most of ecommerce tools are not entirely optimized for search engines. The framework of Opencart, therefore, ensures that inbuilt features like custom titling, and product-related URLs and canonical categories renders you higher search engine rankings.

Cost effective

OpenCart is a free and open source online shopping cart framework. The tool provides robust and scalable e-commerce solutions for small and medium Internet businesses, with the ability to create their own online enterprise at a minimal cost