Hire Web Designers

Are you looking for online business success? A well-designed, profession looking website can do this for you as it allow you to set professional identity and stable online presence.

Web Designer


Education Level

  • Designs clean, non-ripped, modern and highly professional websites to make complete turnkey project delivery
Key Strengths
  • Web site design
  • CSS & HTML slicing
  • Logo & Identity design
Technical Skills
  • Expert in Photoshop
  • Skilled in Corel Draw
  • Expert in HTML & XHTML
  • Expert in CSS
  • Skilled in DHTML/JavaScript

Flash Designer


Education Level

  • Designs professional flash websites, flash introductions / slides, presentations and small animations.
Key Strengths
  • Flash Websites and intros
  • Animations
  • Presentations
Technical Skills
  • Expert in Flash
  • Skilled in Action
  • Expert in PhotoShop
  • Skilled in HTML
  • Skilled in JavaScript

PHP Programmer


Education Level

  • Design, develop and maintain web applications based on PHP, MySQL, AJAX, CMS, Blogs and eCommerce etc.
Key Strengths
  • PHP driven applications
  • MySQL database design
  • Opensource customization
Technical Skills
  • Expert in PHP 4.x/5.x
  • Expert in MySQL 4.x/5.x
  • Expert in AJAX
  • Skilled in WordPress/Joomla
  • Skilled in osCommerce