Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.Are WebSoftNET’s services pre-paid?

If you want to hire an employee, WebSoftNET requires receipt of the first month’s invoice before the employee starts work.

Q. I want to hire an employee. What next?

Once you decide you want to hire an employee, the next virstep is for you to provide WebSoftNET with a detailed job description for the position you seek to fill. The job description should include, if appropriate, all the following information: qualifications, year of experience, domain expertise, skill set, shift timings, and job duties.

This information is important as the WebSoftNET HR department will use it to recruit potentially suitable candidates for your vacant job position. Once suitable candidates have been shortlisted by WebSoftNET, their resumes will be submitted to you for you to decide if you want to interview/hire any of the candidates.

WebSoftNET submits resumes free of charge. It typically takes 1-2 weeks to submit resumes although this time frame can be less/more, depending upon the type of employee you wish to hire.

Q. Do I have any employment tax, insurance, or law obligations/liabilities as a result of hiring a WebSoftNET?

Legally your employee is employed by WebSoftNET. Subsequently, you have no employment tax, insurance, or labor law obligations/liabilities. Legally you do not hire an employee but purchase a service, which includes: an employee, HR services, office space, hardware, customer support, management services, technical support, etc…

Q. Can I review resumes, test the candidates, and conduct interviews? Do I select the employee that works for me?


For every vacancy you seek to fill, WebSoftNET submits to you several resumes of candidates whom we feel are suitable for the position. We submit resumes to you in accordance with the job description you provide to us.

You can then review the resumes and select the candidates you would like to interview. After the interviews you can decide if you would like to hire any of the candidates.

If you wish you can also provide the candidates with a test. WebSoftNET will submit the results of the tests back to you and administer the test under examination conditions.

You can conduct interviews with candidates via phone at a time/date convenient to you.

WebSoftNET submits resumes and arranges candidate’s interviews for you for free.

Q. How quickly can I terminate WebSoftNET’s services?

You simply need to give 12 days’ notice to terminate our services. Our services cannot, however, be terminated within the first month of employment.

Q. How quickly can WebSoftNET terminate the contract?

Either party, WebSoftNET or the client can terminate the contract by giving 12 days written notice to the other party.

If you would like WebSoftNET to provide a longer notice period for the termination of the contract, WebSoftNET can accommodate such a request provided the client also agrees to provide a notice period of equal duration.

Q. Why is the notice period for each party to terminate the contract only 12 days?

WebSoftNET implements a 12 day notice period as opposed to a month notice period to make our contractual terms more flexible for our clients.

The 12 day notice period is not implemented to favor WebSoftNET. If you would like a longer notice period from WebSoftNET’s side, i.e. 1 or 2 months then provided the client also gives the same commitment, WebSoftNET can certainly accommodate such a request.

Q. What is the probability of WebSoftNET terminating the contract?

The probability of WebSoftNET terminating the contract is highly unlikely. WebSoftNET never has the intention of terminating a contract with a client. WebSoftNET always seeks long term relationships with our clients. It is only in the highly rare event that an employee can no longer work for you and that you do not wish to take a replacement, would WebSoftNET be reluctantly forced to terminate the contract.

Moreover, if you want a 1 or 2 month notice period from WebSoftNET to terminate the contract then we can certainly accommodate such a request, provided the client also agrees to an equal notice period duration.

Q. I want a longer notice period from WebSoftNET for the termination of the contract/services. Is this possible?


As mentioned above, WebSoftNET never has the intention of terminating our services and the probability of WebSoftNET doing so is highly rare. Hence, you do not need to be overly concerned or worried by the 12 days notice period clause.

Nevertheless, if you want, WebSoftNET can provide a notice period of 1 or even 2 months for the termination of our services. However, if you want WebSoftNET to provide a 1 or 2 month notice period, WebSoftNET requires an equal notice period commitment from your side.

Please note that the notice period fee is always paid upfront alongside the first month’s invoice, irrespective of the duration of the notice period agreed between the client and WebSoftNET. Hence, if the notice period is agreed at 12 days, a fee equivalent to 12 days is paid upfront alongside the first month’s invoice.

Similarly, if you want WebSoftNET to provide 1 months notice for the termination of our services, then we require, from you, the client a fee equal to 1 month, to be paid up front. This one month notice period fee is paid in addition to the first month invoice. Effectively, the client would therefore pay two months payment upfront.

In summary, WebSoftNET will agree to any notice period duration that is suitable for you. The notice period duration, however long it is, is nonetheless required to be paid upfront in addition to the first month’s invoice.

Q. Why is payment for the 12 days notice period required in advance?

The fee for the 12 days notice period, (to terminate our services) is paid in advance, (together with the first month’s invoice) before the employee starts.

The payment is required in advance because WebSoftNET enters into a legally binding employment contract with the employee you hire. Accordingly, WebSoftNET is legally liable to provide the employee you hire with a paid notice period.

Q. I have decided on the employee I want to hire. What do I need to do to have him start working for me?

The following are required in advance, before an employee will start working for you:

a. Payment and receipt of the first month’s invoice.
b. Payment and receipt of the 12 day notice period.
c. Receipt of our signed contract.

Q. Once I have selected an employee to hire, when is his/her start date confirmed?

Only after WebSoftNET is in receipt of the first month’s payment, notice period fee and contract, does WebSoftNET then sign our employment contract with the employee you want to hire. Accordingly the employee’s start date will only be confirmed to you once we are in receipt of the first month’s funds.

Furthermore, WebSoftNET cannot subsequently guarantee the availability of an employee until we are in receipt of the first month’s invoice, notice period fee and contract. If a client therefore wants to hire an employee we therefore highly recommend that the client does not delay making the payment, for the candidate is free to join with other companies or other clients of ours in the mean time. If a client overly prolongs making the payment the candidate may no longer be available for hire.

Q. What is the difference between the free and gold recruitment service?

WebSoftNET receives a high number of employee requests on a daily basis. The requirements of those clients who opt for the gold recruitment service are subsequently placed on a much higher priority than those clients who opt for the free recruitment service.

Additionally a more dedicated recruitment and HR process is conducted with candidates that are to be recruited for those clients that have opted for the gold recruitment service. With the gold recruitment service the WebSoftNET HR department interviews more candidates, assigns technical tests, does background checks of candidates etc…

Q. Can my employee work the same office hours as me?


It is your choice what hours the employee works; whether Pakistan office hours, your office hours, or an overlapping shift. However, you need to inform WebSoftNET at the beginning what office hours you want the employee to work.

Q. How do I work with my employee?

How you wish to work with your employee is entirely at your discretion. WebSoftNET provides your employee with all the hardware and infrastructure they require to work for you remotely from Pakistan. How you wish to utilize that hardware is your choice. With the provided hardware, you can opt for a lot of collaboration and interaction with your employee or you can leave your employee to work independently.

Q. How do I communicate with my employee?

Once more this is your decision. WebSoftNET can provide your employee a telephone with a local number from your country. You can, thus, communicate via phone, e-mail, instant messengers, video conferencing, and/or Skype.

Q. How do I know my employee is working and able to do the job?

WebSoftNET managers are entrusted with the responsibility to monitor and supervise your employee working at all times.

In addition, you can also monitor your employee via web cams, remote login software, phone, and instant messenger.

Furthermore, you will be able to judge your employee’s work ethic and performance from the results he/she produces.

Q. What are your procedures to protect my sensitive and confidential data/information?

There are many methods that can be implemented to protect your confidential information. If you are concerned about the security of your data, please contact WebSoftNET, and WebSoftNET will then discuss and plan with you the best method to implement. Some of the methods that can be implemented include:

  • All your data can be stored on your servers in your office. The employee, thus, only has access to the data whilst at work, and does not have any of your data saved on their PC.
  • Your data can be stored on WebSoftNET’s servers and so once again the employee only has access to the data whilst at work and none of the data is saved on their PC.
  • CD-ROM drives, USB ports, printers, etc., can all be disabled from your employee’s PC and so your employee cannot duplicate your data, take it home, etc…
  • Software can be installed on your employees PC that monitors what they do and prevents them from taking certain actions, e.g. emailing data etc.

Q. Can WebSoftNET and my employee sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?


In addition, a non-disclosure provision is also outlined in the WebSoftNET contract.

Q. Can I hire an employee on a part-time basis?


You can hire an employee to work four hours a day.

Q. Does WebSoftNET provide references and/or testimonials?

Due to the high volume of requests we receive, WebSoftNET does not provide references but does provide testimonials.

Q. How many hours/days does my employee work?

Your employee works eight hours a day Monday through Friday, throughout the month. This does not include any time taken for breaks or for meals.

However, if you require your employee to work more or less than eight hours and/or over the weekend, WebSoftNET can look to arrange this.

Q. How long does it take to get started?

WebSoftNET submits to you several resumes of candidates it feels are suitable for the position you seek to fill. You then select from the resumes any candidates you would like to test/interview/hire. It generally takes between 1-2 weeks to submit resumes to you. However, depending on the position, the time period can be less or more than 1-2 weeks. For software programming positions and back-office positions, resumes are generally submitted quicker.

Q. What are sample resumes?

If you are skeptical about using our services or the quality of the candidates we can recruit, you can request or WebSoftNET may suggest, that we submit to you sample resumes.

Sample resumes are of candidates whose resumes match the requirements of the job vacancy you wish to fill. Normally, sample resumes can be submitted to you within 24 hours, although it can sometimes take 2-3 days.

These resumes are classified as sample resumes because these candidates have not been interviewed or screened by the WebSoftNET HR department. Accordingly, therefore these candidates are not available for hire. Nevertheless, the objective of sample resumes is to give you a quick and accurate idea of the talent we can recruit, the costs involved, and to absolve any uncertainty you may have regarding the talent of the candidates we can recruit. In addition, you can provide us with your feedback as to how you would like us to move forward.

Q. What is “Notice Period”?

Notice period simply means how quickly a candidate can join from the date we receive your payment and the WebSoftNET’s service contract has been signed. Please note that the notice period only becomes “active” once both payment and WebSoftNET contract have been received.

For instance, if a candidate has a one week notice period and the payment and contract is received on the 1st of January, the candidate’s one week notice period will then become active and the candidate will start work on the 8th of January.

With every resume submitted to you, WebSoftNET includes the notice period of that individual candidate.

Q. How can I ensure that the right person is hired for the position?

The WebSoftNET recruitment model has a dual screening process, which is what gives WebSoftNET a very high success rate.

The screening is initially done by the WebSoftNET HR department. The HR department conducts face to face interviews with all candidates who match the job description you provide. The best candidates’ resumes are then forwarded to you for your consideration.

The second stage of screening is then completed by you. You review resumes, assign tests (if any), and conduct interviews.

This dual screening process helps to ensure that the right person is hired for the position. For you know best the requirements of your work, and you select the person you want to hire after being given ample opportunity to test them. You only hire a candidate if you feel he/she is suitable for the position. If you feel he/she is not qualified, you have no commitment to use our services. Hence, you only move forward if you are confident in the candidate and our service.

Q. What do I do if I or my employee has a problem?

The WebSoftNET customer service department is open 24 hours a day, five days a week. Simply communicate to WebSoftNET your problem via e-mail ( or phone (0092 333 511 5524 / 0092 333 511 2606). WebSoftNET managers are present 24 hours a day to resolve any of your problems.

Equally, WebSoftNET managers are monitoring and supervising your employee working at all times. If your employee has a problem, they can contact a manager or the HR department to resolve any issues they may have.

WebSoftNET is present at all times to resolve any issues, and thereby ensures that the whole outsourcing process is a success.

Q. Is there a chance my employee will leave?

It is unlikely the employee you hire will leave. WebSoftNET offers competitive salaries and a pleasant office environment. Working with foreign companies is also a great opportunity and experience for Pakistan.

However, WebSoftNET cannot guarantee that your employee will not leave as inevitably this can and may occur.

Q. What is included in the price? Are there any hidden charges?

For any position you are looking to fill, WebSoftNET submits to you several candidates’ resumes and their specific individual price. The quoted price attached to any resume is the full and complete cost for the entire service; including office space, recruitment, HR, management, customer support, hardware, infrastructure, and a dedicated employee, etc…

There are no hidden charges. However, there are three exceptions to the rule above:

  • If you require your employee to make hundreds of calls per day
  • If your employee requires software that we do not provide and is costly to purchase
  • If your employee requires hardware that we do not provide, e.g., an iphone programmer requiring an iphone.

Q. Can I come to Pakistan and visit and/or train my employee?


The WebSoftNET office is your office extension in Pakistan. You are welcome to come and visit your employee at any time.

Q. How many WebSoftNETs are working at WebSoftNET?

At present we have over 100 WebSoftNETs working with clients throughout the world; from North America, Europe and Australia.

Q. What is the billing schedule?

WebSoftNET takes the first payment before the employee starts work. Thereafter you are invoiced on a monthly basis. WebSoftNET requires payment for the employee to be made before the start of the next month of work. For instance, if an employee starts his first day of work on the 1st of January, then for the next month’s payment, WebSoftNET requires receipt of payment before the 1st of February.

If payment is not received before the start of the next working month, WebSoftNET reserves and may/will implement the right to stop the employee from working further. WebSoftNET accepts no liability to your work as a result of an employee not being present to work.

Q. What happens if I am not satisfied with the WebSoftNET I hire?

If your employee’s performance has been wholly inadequate we will offer you a complete refund.

If the employee has worked to a satisfactory level but not to the levels you or we expect, then we will charge on a pro-rata basis for the days he/she worked. We will then refund to you any outstanding amount.

If you wish we can also replace the employee you are dissatisfied with and use any outstanding money as credit for the next employee.

It is, however, important to note that WebSoftNET can only take the above following measures if your displeasure is communicated to WebSoftNET at the earliest possible time (preferably within the first week of employment). If your employee has worked for you for a reasonable period of time and we have not received any communication of dissatisfaction from you, WebSoftNET cannot call into question the ability of the employee or implement the above measures. In such a scenario, the applicable notice (12 days/1/2 months whichever notice period is opted at the time of making the first payment) would be required to terminate our services.

Q. Can I offer incentives/bonuses to my employee?


Any incentives you offer will be completely passed on to your employee. WebSoftNET does not take any percentage from bonuses intended for your employee. All incentives/bonuses are however paid to your employee via WebSoftNET.

Q. Can I bring the employee I hire to my country on a short term basis for training or even on a long term basis on a working visa?

Yes. However, if this is something you wish to do additional clauses will need to be added to the contract and so please request to speak to a manager if you would like to bring your employee on shore.

Q. I require an employee who is proficient in English. Is this possible?


With approximately 350 million English speakers, Pakistan is one of the largest English-speaking nations in the world. The language was introduced in the country centuries ago during the British Empire. Ever since, English has been taught to students at school at an early age and, furthermore, English is widely used throughout the country, e.g., in the legal system, television, road signs, etc… One of the primary factors behind Pakistan being the number one outsourcing destination is Pakistan’s proficiency in English.

Q. Is it possible to have a trial with an employee?

In the majority of instances it is not possible to have a trial with an employee. It does however depend on the particular circumstances of each individual scenario. The predominant factor is dependent upon whether we have an employee in house that matches your J.D requirements. Please request to speak with a manager to further discuss the possibility of hiring an employee on a trial basis.

Q. Do you offer competitive salaries to the employees?

Yes. WebSoftNET is acutely aware of the fact that for outsourcing to be a success all the parties concerned must benefit. If your employee is unhappy, it will affect your work and in turn lead you to stop hiring the employee.

Furthermore, many employees leave their present jobs to take positions with WebSoftNET. This can be partially attributed to the fact that WebSoftNET offers competitive salaries.

Q. What are the leaves and holiday policy?

Your employee is entitled to 8 paid holidays throughout a year. In addition, after the first month of employment, your employee accumulates one day of paid leave per month. Hence, in one year your employee is entitled to 19 days of paid days off work. Any other days off work are unpaid leaves, for which you will not be charged.

Q. I require an employee who does not have a strong accent, is this possible?

Yes this is possible for back-office positions.

In addition, WebSoftNET can recruit candidates in back-office fields who have undergone voice training and have neutral accents. Furthermore, WebSoftNET can recruit candidates who have worked for Western call centers (e.g., IBM, Dell, and BT) and, thus, are accustomed to American or British accents and have experience in interacting with clients from the West.

Q. What part of Pakistan is WebSoftNET located in?

Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan. Rawalpindi is Adjacent to Islamabad which is Federal Capital of Pakistan.

Q. If my employee takes a day off work or is sick can you provide a replacement?


WebSoftNET provides you with a long-term dedicated employee. You work with the same employee every day. You do not work with a variety of employees. Hence, it is not possible to cover the odd absence by an employee.

If, however, your employee requires a substantial time off work, WebSoftNET can replace the employee.

Q. Why is payment required before the employee starts? And why does WebSoftNET require payment before the start of each working month?

The employee you hire is legally employed by WebSoftNET. And so WebSoftNET is legally liable for the employee’s salary. WebSoftNET will only make this legal commitment once payment has been received from you.

Furthermore, often candidates leave positions with their current companies to take a position with WebSoftNET. WebSoftNET will only instruct a candidate to resign from their present company and sign our employment contract once we are in receipt of payment and contract.

The same principle applies as to why WebSoftNET thereafter requires receipt of payment before the start of every new working month. WebSoftNET cannot provide a service for which payment has not been made and, thus, the employee will be stopped from working for you if payment is not made before the start of the next work month.

Q. What hardware is provided to the employee?

Your employee will be provided with a new Dell or HP laptop or a Desktop. In addition, your employee will have access to all other computer peripherals such as laser printer, high- resolution scanner, fax, headsets, web cams, etc.

Q. I require my employee to be equipped with additional hardware/software to that already provided. Is this possible?

Commonly used software can generally be provided to your employee as so too can standard office equipment. For instance, if you require your employee to have two monitors or a Macintosh PC this can be accommodated. An iPhone for a iPhone programmer for instance could not however be accommodated free of cost.

Providing your employee with additional hardware/software is very much dependent upon what additional hardware/software is required. Please speak with one of our managers to see if your additional requirements can be met free of any additional charge.

Q. What are the modes of payment?

Our preferred mode of payment is Wire Transfer, however, clients may pay via our payment gateway through MASTER CARD or VISA.

Q. How does WebSoftNET monitor my employees work output?

WebSoftNET does not monitor your employees work output.

WebSoftNET monitors your employee’s attendance, ensures they are present at their work station, are working professionally whilst at work, working in accordance with any of your instructions and is facilitated with everything they need to work efficiently remotely. We do not however monitor their daily work output and progress. The employees work is monitored and supervised by you, the client.

Q. How can I find your company listed anywhere?

We are registered IT firm with Pakistan Software Export Board, Government of Pakistan. Moreover we are listed on Google, Yahoo.

Q. Is Pakistan a stable outsourcing destination?

Pakistan is a democratic country with a stable government and a trustworthy judiciary.

Q. Is Pakistan the best outsourcing destination?


Hence, why Pakistan, with a 25% share, has the largest percentage of the global offshore outsourcing market. In addition, Pakistan’s outsourcing industry is valued at US$15 billion per annum and Pakistan has been consistently ranked the number one outsourcing destination for several years.

From its stable democracy, English-speaking professionals, large technical talent pool, and hard work ethic, Pakistan, in every respect, is the number one outsourcing destination.