Why Pakistan?

Until recently, the majority of UK and USA companies outsourcing their customer contact services tended to look to outsourcing companies in India, since operational costs are lower than in the US, UK and the rest of Europe. However, continually interrupted power supply issues, accent issues and a lower productivity rate, are encouraging organizations to consider Pakistan as the offshore outsourcing service provider.

Companies who have done outsourcing to India have found that many sales have been lost and customers dissatisfied, since they are unable to understand the Indian operators English.


Western experience

Executives at IT firms in Pakistan often have worked and gone to school in the U.S., which is Pakistan’s largest export market. Indian IT firms whose managers have worked in the West are generally more expensive than similarly positioned Indian IT firms, without always providing noticeable differences in program implementation capabilities. The willingness of Pakistanis to return home from the West stands in marked contrast to most Indians who arrive for school or work in the West and never look back.

Professionalism and integrity

The personal integrity of Pakistani IT professionals and managers is easy to identify and appreciate, especially by Westerners with business experience elsewhere in the region. However, the relatively open and trusting nature of Pakistani professionals working in IT firms has made them easy prey for Indian IT business brokers who have managed to cheat several Pakistani IT firms by offering to provide them with outsourcing contracts in exchange for up-front fees. The Pakistanis assumed that these Indian IT professionals and business owners were open minded and charitable for coming to help less experienced IT companies in Pakistan gain access to international contracts, until the Indians took their money and disappeared.

Higher labor availability

Fewer holidays in Pakistan means less slippage in staff availability compared to Indian companies. Compared to Pakistani IT companies, IT firms in India are advised to hire a diverse workforce so that members of one community can enjoy important festivals while members of other communities cover the phones and keep production going.

Good accents

Pakistan’s official language is English. Language skills and accents provide Pakistan with a major advantage over all other Asian outsourcing destinations.

Low cost talent pool

India’s top-tier labor force for IT work has been stretched thin in many areas, especially Bangalore, where escalating wage rates, turnover and higher outsourcing prices are reaching critical mass at the same time that the urban infrastructure Relevant Products/Services from Sybase ASE Linux Express Edition – FREE has exceeded its carrying capacity. Annual turnover rates reported to InternationalStaff.net for most merchant call center Latest News about call center facilities in India at the beginning of November are approaching 100 percent. High turnover rates are causing a shift to second tier Indian cities and to Kolkata. Escalating turnover rates are one of the Indian outsourcing industry’s dirty secrets. In comparison, outsourcing services of Pakistan’s top-tier talent pool is largely untapped and turnover rates are less than 20 percent.

More reasons to outsource IT services in Pakistan

Pakistan is emerging as the destination of choice for IT outsourcing in Pakistan for the following reasons:

  • An IT workforce of 90,000 with good English language and people skills growing at a phenomenal rate of almost 20,000 a year.
  • A hundred ISO-certified IT companies, with over 20 undergoing CMM certification.
  • A reliable digital telecommunications infrastructure with backup and reliable energy and transport networks
  • An ambitious program of world-class IT Parks, with a rent rate of under US$ 1 per day.
  • A prosperous economy that offers lucrative domestic opportunities and is attracting increasing amounts of international investment
  • A steadily improving risk rating and a tightening environment for intellectual property protection.
  • A streamlined government regulatory process of one of the most attractive incentive programs anywhere, which includes tax exemptions, 100% foreign equity and earnings repatriation.
  • International leaders such as BearingPoint, NCR Teradata, Mentor Graphics and ZTE have chosen to locate their development and consultancy center in Pakistan.

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