Benefits of outsourcing with WebSoftNET Technologies


WebSoftNET Technologies charges between US dollars 1050 to 2150 US dollars per month for a full-time, dedicated employee. The most apparent benefit is, therefore, cost saving. You reduce your cost on employee salaries between three to eight times alone.

In addition, you save on office rental, overhead, and infrastructure costs because your employee works from WebSoftNET Technologies’s office in Pakistan.
WebSoftNET Technologies also equips your employee with all the hardware they need to work for you remotely from Pakistan. Accordingly, you also save on PC, computer peripherals, and software expenses.

Your cost is yet further reduced because all HR and technical support services are also all provided by WebSoftNET Technologies.

Employment tax, insurance, and law benefits

You are in complete control of your employee, who works for you just like an employee working physically from the same office as you. However, legally you enter into a service contract with WebSoftNET Technologies, and your employee is legally employed by WebSoftNET Technologies. In practice, therefore, you reap all the benefits of hiring your own dedicated employee but without the applicability of any employee tax, insurance, or labor law legislation/obligations.

NDA and ownership of works

The WebSoftNET Technologies contract includes a non-disclosure agreement. Your confidentiality is strictly safeguarded by WebSoftNET Technologies. In addition, if you wish, WebSoftNET Technologies and your employee can sign your own separate NDA.
The contract, furthermore, outlines that any work completed by your employee is exclusively owned by your company and not WebSoftNET Technologies or the employee.

Termination of services

You can hire an employee for years, but you simply need to give one month’s notice to terminate our services. Hence, you gain the benefits of hiring an employee on a long-term basis but the commitment from your side is minimal and equivalent to that of only hiring on a contracting basis.

WebSoftNET Technologies does the recruitment for you

WebSoftNET Technologies recruits for you the employee you want to hire. With WebSoftNET Technologies you outsource not only your work but also the headache of finding an employee. The process reduces your costs and increases your time and efficiency.

You select the employee you want to hire

Although WebSoftNET Technologies recruits for you the employee you want to hire, you are the decision maker. WebSoftNET Technologies submits to you several resumes of candidates it feels are suitable for the position you seek to fill. You review the resumes, select the candidates you wish to interview, and then decide if you want to hire any of the candidates. And because you best know the requirements of your work, you are the ideal person to select who should work for you. One of the primary reasons for our high success rate is that you and not WebSoftNET Technologies decide if you want to hire any of the candidates we put forth to you.

WebSoftNET Technologies submits resumes for free

WebSoftNET Technologies submits resumes to you and lets you interview candidates for free. And so you only make a financial commitment when you are confident of our service and quality of employee. If you are not satisfied with the caliber of candidates we put forth, you have no obligation to move forward.

Ample opportunity to test candidates before hiring

Before you decide to hire an employee, WebSoftNET Technologies gives you ample opportunity to test the candidates and ensure they are qualified for the position. You can review their resumes, conduct interviews, and even provide a test to the candidates. This, in addition to the HR screening and technical interviews done by WebSoftNET Technologies, ensures you hire the right employee and not someone unqualified.

Scale up/scale down

WebSoftNET Technologies makes it very easy for you to scale up and scale down the size of your staff. This is because firstly WebSoftNET Technologies recruits your employee for you and so you do not spend your time and money in finding an employee. Furthermore, you are not bound to any long-term commitments as you can cancel our services with just one month’s notice. Lastly, your employee works from WebSoftNET Technologies’s office in Pakistan and so you do not invest in any infrastructure, HR, technical support, office space, or hardware costs. All these factors enable you to easily increase and decrease the size of your staff in direct proportion to the demands of your workload.

Employees work in congruence with any time zone

WebSoftNET Technologies provides employees who can work in congruence with any time zone. And so your employee can work the same hours as you.

Recruiting the most talented employees

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) often struggle to compete with large companies when it comes to recruiting the most qualified and talented employees. WebSoftNET Technologies resolves this problem for you as we are in a position to recruit the brightest talents.

WebSoftNET Technologies does not limit itself to just in-house employee talent

WebSoftNET Technologies does not limit itself to just in-house employee talent but also recruits candidates from our local area of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The advantage of recruiting is that WebSoftNET Technologies is in a position to recruit the best candidates from a region with a population of approximately 2 million people.

Strong emphasis on hardware and infrastructure

WebSoftNET Technologies provides new Dell or HP computers and computer peripherals. In addition, the WebSoftNET Technologies office is equipped with lease line internet connections. WebSoftNET Technologies places strong emphasis on the best and latest hardware and infrastructure to ensure you can work efficiently and closely with your employee.


WebSoftNET Technologies is devoted to providing a first-class professional service. WebSoftNET Technologies understands that for outsourcing to be a success, professionalism at every stage is crucial. Accordingly, WebSoftNET Technologies places strong emphasis on client support, infrastructure, quality employees, and an all-round premier service.

Accommodating to your requirements:

The WebSoftNET Technologies recruitment and hiring process is flexible and accommodating to your exact requirements. The HR department gives detailed attention to your individual and specific requirements. This ensures we find the most appropriate and best employee for you.

Outsource any office work in any field

From specialist fields such as software programming, law, and engineering to back-office fields such as data entry, transcription and call center agents with WebSoftNET Technologies you can outsource any office work in any field or profession.
All your outsourcing requirements are, thus, under one roof. You can hire an entire team of employees from different professional backgrounds and have all of them work together from one location.

Long-term dedicated employee not a freelancer

With WebSoftNET Technologies you are not just outsourcing but hiring a dedicated employee. Unlike a freelancer, a WebSoftNET Technologies is dedicated only to your work. You work with the same employee every day over a long-term basis. Your employee will, thus, become a part of your team, someone who understands your business and is familiar with your process. Long-term dedicated employees help prevent inconsistency in your work process and are focused solely on your work. Furthermore, any time you take to train the employee is well invested.

Business model: High levels of collaboration and interaction

WebSoftNET Technologies gives you unrestricted access to your employee. You, thus, have the option of high levels of interaction and collaboration with your employee, which puts you firmly in control of the work you outsource.

WebSoftNET Technologies supervision and management

Although you and your employee work from two different offices, WebSoftNET Technologies managers supervise and manage your employee working at all times. This thereby ensures your employee is working and doing so from a professional office environment.

Client support

WebSoftNET Technologies is a source of contact and support for you at all times. Whether you want to ask any questions, discuss anything about your employee, or require some assistance, you can contact WebSoftNET Technologies at any time via phone, e-mail, or live chat. WebSoftNET Technologies places great importance on fast response times and a quick resolution to your queries.

Business model: High levels of collaboration and interaction

WebSoftNET Technologies gives you unrestricted access to your employee. You, thus, have the option of high levels of interaction and collaboration with your employee, which puts you firmly in control of the work you outsource.

Dedicated HR department and employee support

The WebSoftNET Technologies’s HR department is present to resolve and manage any issues your employee may have. You are, thus, not burdened with any employee concerns.

Office extension not just an employee

When you outsource with WebSoftNET Technologies, you do not just hire an employee but set up your very own office extension in Pakistan. Think of the WebSoftNET Technologies office as your second office in Pakistan. You are welcome to come and visit our office any time.

Hire employees with rare skills

It is often difficult for companies to recruit from their local area employees with rare skills. This is, in particular, true for small companies and companies located across remote locations.

Irrespective of the rare skills you require in an employee, WebSoftNET Technologies can recruit the employee you want to hire. Outsourcing with WebSoftNET Technologies is not just about cost saving but also about hiring the talent you may not be able to find elsewhere.


Outsourcing your noncore competencies will free up your time so that you can focus on your key business. Equally, by outsourcing your core business you are in a position to hire the additional technical staff you otherwise may not have been able to, which in turn will enable you to work more efficiently.

Proficiency in English

To successfully outsource, it is crucial that your employee is completely fluent in English.With almost 350 million Pakistann English speakers, and many Pakistanns speaking English as their first language, WebSoftNET Technologies provides employees who are proficient in English.

Pakistann work ethic and culture

Outsourcing with WebSoftNET Technologies and hiring an Pakistann employee is constructive as Pakistanns are renowned for their dedication and work ethic.

Pakistan – the number one outsourcing destination

The Pakistann offshore outsourcing industry is currently valued at US $15 billion per annum and with a 25% share of the global offshore outsourcing market, the figures support Pakistan’s reputation as the premier outsourcing destination. With WebSoftNET Technologies you outsource to the world’s number one outsourcing destination.

Outsource with a few simple clicks on your PC-outsource without actually outsourcing

Only multinational corporations (MNCs) from the U.S. or Europe can afford to outsource to Pakistan and incur the expenses associated with opening their own offices in Pakistan. Small and medium enterprises have a greater need to outsource than MNCs, but the costs involved make the process simply too unrealistic and costly. With WebSoftNET Technologies, however, SMEs can hire employees from Pakistan and achieve the same result as their MNC counterparts. With just a few simple clicks on your PC, you can set up your own office extension in Pakistan. WebSoftNET Technologies does the outsourcing for you so you do not have to.

No start-up fee

WebSoftNET Technologies charges no start-up fee when using our services. This keeps your cost saving to a maximum.

Hire full or part-time employees

Recruiting technical employees for a part-time position in the U.S. or Europe is difficult. With WebSoftNET Technologies you can, however, hire technical employees on either a full-time or part- time basis.

Employee holidays and leaves

Your employee is entitled to 8 holidays in a year. In addition, after the first month of employment your employee accumulates one day of paid leave per month. Hence, in one year your employee is entitled to 19 days of paid days off work. Any other days off work are unpaid leaves, for which you will not be charged.

Time-zone advantage

Pakistan is ten and half hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time and 13 and half hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time. If you wish your employee can work during your night, so that the work they complete during the day will be at your desk when you arrive at work in the morning.

Outsourcing-a savior for small companies and one-man bands

Small companies and one-man bands may struggle to afford the costs involved in hiring an employee and also providing an office environment for an employee to work from. Outsourcing with WebSoftNET Technologies absolves any such difficulties.

Low risk, high success rate

To terminate our services you are required to give only one month’s notice. There are no start- up fees, and you make no payment until you have interviewed the candidates and decided you want to hire an individual. Outsourcing with WebSoftNET Technologies is, thus, a low-risk, high- success-rate process.

Conclusion: Not just outsourcing work

When using WebSoftNET Technologies’s services, you are not just outsourcing your work but outsourcing an entire business process and structure. With WebSoftNET Technologies you outsource your work, office space, infrastructure, hardware, recruitment process, payroll, management of employees, HR, and technical support. And whilst doing so, you drastically reduce your costs and increase your productivity.